Austin City Council Election 1975

The 1975 election brought wholesale changes to the makeup of the city council. Jeffrey Friedman, who had served two terms as a council member, was elected mayor. Lowell Lebermann was the only other survivor from the 1971 and 1973 councils to win again.

John Trevino became the first Latino elected to the council. He would go on to serve six terms in all—the most of any council member 1971 through 2011—and chose not to run for reelection when his final term was up in 1988. He left the council long before term limits were approved by voters in 1994.

Three women were elected in 1975: Betty Himmelblau, Margaret Hoffman, and Emma Lou Linn. They were not the first females to win a seat on the council, however, as Emma Long did that way back in 1948.

The other new face on the council was Jimmy Snell.