Austin City Council Election 2014

Austin voters on November 6, 2012, approved Proposition 3 by a vote of 149,496 (60.16 percent) to 96,999 (39.84 percent). Proposition 3 amended the Austin City Charter to require election of council members from 10 geographic districts, with only the mayor to be elected from the city at-large.

Proposition 2 in the same 2012 election was approved by 76.62 percent of voters to amend the City Charter to move the city’s general elections for May to November, to provide that council members serve four-year staggered terms, to provide that council elections occur in even-number years, and to limit the mayor and council members to two terms.

Propositions 2 and 3 were implemented through the mayoral and city council general election of November 4, 2014, and the runoff election of December 16, 2014.

This map indicates the residence address of the mayor and 10 council members who won election in 2014 and took office January 6, 2015. The 10 new council members then drew lots to set up the transition to staggered terms. Five of the newly elected council members will serve two-year terms ending in January 2017. The other five will serve four-year terms ending in January 2019.

The council members serving two-year terms are:
District 2: Delia Garza
District 4: Gregorio “Greg” Casar
District 6: Don Zimmerman
District 7: Leslie Pool
District 10: Sheri Gallo

Those serving four-year terms are:
Mayor Steve Adler
District 1: Ora Houston
District 3: Sabino “Pio” Renteria
District 5: Ann Kitchen
District 8: Ellen Troxclair
District 9: Kathie Tovo

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