Austin Public Library

Petitioning ‘Problems’ a City Invention

Austin Library Department has no evidence of problems with signature gathering until CodeNEXT crackdown Investigative Report by Ken Martin The City of Austin cannot document a...

Library Commission May Protect Petition Rights

Story update: The Library Commission at its May 21, 2018, meeting received from City staff new draft Library Use Rules in the form of line-by-line...

Library Director Misled Library Commission

It appears that Austin’s library director vastly overstated the numbers of urban libraries in this country that ban people from gathering petition signatures on library property.

City Lifts Ban on Library Petitioning

The Austin Public Library will allow petitioners to solicit signatures on library grounds in a manner that is "not disruptive."

IndyAustin Petitioners Barred from Libraries

One IndyAustin petitioner issued a trespass notice to prohibit setting foot on Spicewood Library property Updated Tuesday February 20, 2018 12:52pm to add date of...