Property Taxes

Council revives plan to use ‘blight’ law to subsidize luxury high rises

Subsidy plan previously put on ice gets another look, now valued at $330 million The Austin City Council has revived discussions to grant special tax...

City manager proposes maximum legal property tax rate

Higher commercial tax bills will mitigate impact on homeowners Austin City Manager Spencer Cronk proposed a budget Friday that sets a property tax rate at...

Appraised home values jump more than 50 percent

Updated 2:45pm April 19, 2022 to correct misstatements about increases in property taxes and to remove reference to a Travis County Tax Office tax...

Council eyes property tax hike above 3.5 percent

Two council members mention a possible increase of 4 to 5 percent The Austin City Council will vote Thursday to direct staff to calculate a...

Homestead Exemptions Rife With Abuse

Pablo Ornelas Jr. is being hit this month with a sudden increase in property taxes totaling more than $18,000 that he must pay by January 31 or face stiff penalties and steep interest charges. Still, it’s hard to complain when he enjoyed an improper tax break for 15 years on one of the homes he owns.

Are Austin’s Property Taxes Fair and Equitable?

There's growing controversy over whether commercial properties are being undervalued and unfairly shifting too much of the property tax burden onto homeowners.