Travis Central Appraisal District

Democrats sweep TCAD board election

There is no such thing as a nonpartisan election in Travis County, TexasSure, sure, I know. Elections in Travis County for city councils, school...

First-ever opportunity to elect appraisal board members

Right now local voters are of course focused on the Super Tuesday primary elections of March 5th, but another election two months later should...

Trust, but verify

We would like to think people in our nation’s highest offices adhere to the highest ethical principles.Yet recent news reports have exposed U.S. Supreme...

New procedures undermine appraisal protests

Chief appraiser’s unilateral policy changes add more formal hearings and increase costs Marya Crigler, who was named chief appraiser of the Travis Central Appraisal District...

Lawsuit Seeks Property Tax Hearings

Chief appraiser moves to prevent discovery, motions to compel hearings set for ThursdayA lawsuit claims that scores of property owners were denied their legal...

Homestead Exemptions a Tax Loophole

Appraisal district processing relies mostly on homeowners statements, not scrutiny.

Homestead Exemptions Rife With Abuse

Pablo Ornelas Jr. is being hit this month with a sudden increase in property taxes totaling more than $18,000 that he must pay by January 31 or face stiff penalties and steep interest charges. Still, it’s hard to complain when he enjoyed an improper tax break for 15 years on one of the homes he owns.

Appraisal District To End Records Suppression

The Board of Directors of the Travis Central Appraisal District last night picked a new chief appraiser and adopted a new policy to end the longstanding practice of suppressing public records in TCAD’s online searchable appraisal roll for anyone who asked.