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Contribute now to hold elected officials and government agencies accountable all year

by Ken Martin
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Posted 1:45pm Friday December 29, 2017

If you were waiting till the last minute to get a tax deduction for your charitable contribution while boosting our nonprofit investigative reporting in the public interest, that time is now.

Due to the generous support of three national foundations and the local Kirk Mitchell Public Interest Investigative Journalism Fund, your tax-deductible contribution to The Austin Bulldog will be matched twice over. But only if contributions are made online no later than December 31st. Contributions made by check must be dated no later than that date. (Mail checks to PO Box 4400 Austin TX 78765.)

Please help us build capacity to publish deep-dive background investigations of mayoral and City Council candidates who will be running for election in 2018. We scour every public record, analyze every one of these documents, and publish reports that cut through the fog of what officeseekers say. We expose their personal history, personal and campaign finances, personal voting records—and much more.

Please help give me the resources to use my 36 years of experience to build a team that can cover the campaigns thoroughly throughout the long season that’s already begun and stay on it right through the November elections and December runoffs.

I’m asking for your support. Together we have an opportunity to build the Bulldog team and make a bigger impact on local journalism.

To make your tax-eductible donation now click this button: tax-deductible contribution.Your investment now will pay dividends all throughout 2018.

I deeply appreciate your support.

Ken Martin

Founder, editor and publisher


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