Delia Aileen Garza Voting History

This record obtained from the Travis County Voter Registrar’s office indicates that since 2010, 2014 District 2 candidate Delia Garza has voted in 5 Democratic Primary elections and no Republican Primary elections.

However, in responding to the candidate’s request for further research, Abbie Tobias, the Travis County voter registration supervisor, provided additional information that indicates Garza first voted in Travis County in 2000 and she voted 10 times from 2000 through 2006, including two Democratic Primary elections.

Garza’s voter registration was “cancelled 1/14/2009” according to Tobias’ e-mail of 8/29/14, hence this voting history was not linked to the records obtained in The Austin Bulldog’s research.

These records have now been combined and the complete record is available for download.