Homeowners Who May Have an Improper Residence Tax Exemption in Travis County

This is a revised updated and expanded version of  the Excel database published December 20, 2013.

This Excel database provides details about 165 homeowners who appear to have more than more than one residence homestead exemption in Travis County—one of which may need to be cancelled.

The database not only indicates homeowners’ names but also identifies which owners are married, the addresses where owners are registered to vote, and, when the residence is connected to City of Austin utilities, who pays for water and wastewater service. The database also identifies in scores of cases the non-owners who are registered to vote and/or pay for utility services at these addresses.

Further, the database indicates the exemptions on each property, when the exemptions were applied for, the year in which the exemptions took effect, how many years the exemptions have been maintained, and the owners’ 2013 property tax savings enjoyed because of the exemptions.