Lee Leffingwell Campaign Finance Report July 16, 2012, Schedule E Loans Excerpt

This one-page excerpt of Schedule E from Mayor Lee Leffingwell’s Campaign Finance Report of July 16, 2012, indicates that Leffingwell loaned his 2012 mayoral campaign $30,000 from personal funds.

This exhibit has been annotated to highlight the fact that the "Lender address" -- which should have been Leffingwell’s home address at 4516 Balcones Drive -- instead reports Leffingwell’s address as 6717 Valburn Drive.

Although the zip code is incorrect, 6717 Valburn Drive is the home address of Thomas and Paula Coopwood. Thomas Coopwood, a retired medical doctor and surgeon, serves on the Board of Managers of Central Health. He was nominated for that position by Mayor Leffingwell and appointed by the City of Austin.