Marc Ott Press Coverage in Kalamazoo Gazette

This file contains more than 30 articles about Marc Ott published by the Kalamazoo (Michigan) Gazette when Ott was city manager there and for years afterward. The Austin Bulldog purchased these articles from the Kalamazoo Public Library.

Ott worked his way up the managerial ladder in Kalamazoo, starting as assistant city manager in April 1990, then was promoted to deputy city manager in February 1991, and then appointed to city manager in March 1993.

These articles indicate that Ott had a good first year as city manager but soon ran into difficulties. He remained city manager until January 1997 when he resigned under pressure, and he then filed a lawsuit against the city. The articles continued as Ott was investigated over his failure to register a Beretta .380 caliber handgun. Prosecutors ultimately chose not to bring charges. Ott's lawsuit was ultimately dismissed.