Plaintiff’s Original Petition in Save Our Springs v. Gerald Daugherty

This 22-page petition was filed by the Save Our Springs Alliance against Travis County Precinct 3 Commissioner Gerald Daugherty November 12, 2013. Although this copy is date-stamped to show when filed it does not reflect the assigned Cause No. D-1-GN-13-003876. The petition includes four exhibits:

• Exhibit A: Save Our Springs Alliance public information request of May 10, 2013

• Exhibit B: Travis County’s request for ruling from the Texas Attorney General of May 30, 2013

• Exhibit C: Texas Attorney General Open Records Ruling OR2013-13139 of July 30, 2013

• Exhibit D: E-mail reply on March 20, 2013, from Susan Narvaiz to Barbara Smith, executive assistant to Commissioner Daugherty, that indicates he had been using his personal e-mail address for county business,