Supplemental Affadavit of Peter D. Kennedy Supporting Application for Attorney’s Fees and Costs

This 7-page PDF is a copy of the supplemental affadavit of attorney Pete Kenendy of Graves Dougherty Hearon & Moody filed January 6, 2015, for additional legal fees, court costs and expenses totaling $5,712 for representing The Austin Bulldog in defending against the defamation lawsuit filed by Austin City Council Districct 6 candidate Don Zimmerman. When combined with the initial affadavit indicating a total of $22,708, this brings the total cost of defending The Austin Bulldog to $28,420.

Judge Amy Clark Meachum ulimately decided to award attorney’s fees, court costs, and expenses totaling $8,979, in additional to awarding $1,000 as a sanction against the plaintiff.