Austin City Council Election 1973

In 1973, the mayor and five council members elected in 1971 breezed through to win a second two-year term. But incumbent Dick Nichols—who came within a hair of winning in the general election—was soundly defeated by challenger Bob Binder in the runoff election.

There were 14 propositions on the ballot with the council election in 1973 including:

Proposition 1 would have increased the council from seven members to 11, with six elected from council districts, the mayor and four council members elected at large. The measure garnered only 37 percent in favor. (As of 2011, voters have been asked to approve some form of council districts six times, the last being in 2002, and every measure has failed.)

Proposition 2 would have allowed each council member to be paid $100 a week, netting ony 34 percent in favor.

Proposition 11
 would have lowered the age requirements for election to the council from 25 to 21. That failed with 56 percent opposed.

Proposition 13
 to amend the City Charter so that all council meetings would be open to the public except as authorized by state law was approved by 88 percent of voters.